the  pinjarra project presents
Bindjareb Pinjarra
a comedy about a massacre

A hilarious and thought provoking play about Western Australia's 1834 Pinjarra Massacre and its contemporary reverberations.

Created by Blackfella and Whitefella actors, BINDJAREB PINJARRA demonstrates extraordinary risk-taking through its fusion of history, outrageous comedy and tough physical theatre.

Acclaimed across Australia, this hilarious and thought provoking play speaks directly from the heart about how we all share the same history, and how by understanding our past we can work together towards a better future.


Rasellus hendrerit pulvinar nibh

"This is reconciliation  theatre at it's best".

Rhoda Roberts,

The Dreaming Festival,


Created & Perfomed by Isaac Drandich, Geoff Kelso, Sam Longley, Frank Nannup, Kelton Pell & Phil Thomson